Visual Effects & Volumetric Capture projects

This showreel presents parts of my digital effects projects which I created as MA Digital Effects student at Bournemouth University. I worked from Preproduction to postproduction with the programmes Houdini, Nuke, Adobe Creative Suite, PhotoScan. Mudbox, ZBrush, Maya and 3DsMax. The reel includes a wide span of different digital effects like fluid, volume, fur and smoke simulations.

A volumetric capture of the supermodel Adwoa Aboah featured in a fully immersive show of 5G fashion firsts designed to awaken all the senses. These included spatial audio, haptic feedback, a 46 metre projection the length of the runway, and an array of aromas, for a mesmerising experience to reflect the designer’s inspirations. I worked as Post Supervisor in production and Technical Artist in postproduction.

The National Theatre’s musical Virtual Reality experience All Kinds of Limbo transports audiences into a vibrant theatrical world inspired by the influence of West Indian culture on the UK music scene. I recorded the amazing artist Nubiya Brandon in three outfits as Digital Imaging Technician in production and worked as Technical Artist in postproduction.

This interactive Virtual Reality experience was produced as an extra to the release of Sky Atlantic’s second series of Britannia. The content is about a Roman army returning to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia, a mysterious land led by warrior women and mighty Druids who claim to channel the powerful forces of the underworld.

Aquascape - Underwater carousel was my first project during my Master studies at the National Center of Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. The task was to create a dry to wet digital effect of a real location. I used the programmes SideFX Houdini, TheFoundry Nuke, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

First Mixed Reality live music performance with volumetric captures of Madonna at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Madonna was filmed and the digital doubles were processed at Dimension Studio in London. I worked as Digital Imaging Technician in production and Technical Artist in postproduction.

This projection mapping took place at the Thames opposite to St. Pauls cathedral in London. Four projection screens and crazy camera movements show off volumetric captures combined with visual effects . Normal environments transform into futuristic 3D scenes. The talents are London singer-songwriter Raye, viral internet gaming star Vikkstar, and football freestylers Liv Cooke and Andrew Henderson. I worked on visual effects and compositing.

Volumetric capture was used for a new golf free-viewpoint swing analysis at the 148th Golf Open Championship by Sky Sports. The golfers were filmed in MRMC and Dimension’s new Polymotion Stage, the world’s first mobile 3-in-1 solution volumetric capture studio. I helped setting up the stage as DIT in Ireland and worked as Technical Artist in London.

Jeff Wayne's  immersive experience gives the audiences the chance to live through a Martian invasion of 1898. Several Volumetric Captures of actors were recorded at Dimension Studio in London for this experience. I worked as DIT in production and Technical Artist in postproduction.

The video Cyber Galaxy is a Motion Design project of my Bachelor's studies. Different pictures, tint videos and graphic drawings are composited in Adobe After Effects. Often abstract Motion Graphics are used for title sequences of films creating a bridge between the real world and the immersion into the film.

about volumetric capture

At the 4D volumetric capture studio I create digital doubles of actors and objects with a rig of over 100 RGB cameras and lasers. On set I am responsible for the filming and transfer of the data as Post Supervisor and DIT (Digital Imaging Technician). During Post Production I process the data and apply digital effects to the captures. Furthermore live tracking systems and 3D Photogrammetry help us create immersive Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality experiences with digital humans in the Film/Entertainment/Edutainment industry.

Controlling cameras, lasers and lights on set

Working as post supervisor with VFX legend Paul Franklin and the great team.

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