Visual Effects

This showreel presents visual effects projects created with unreal engine 4 for Virtual Production and Immersive Media. The reel includes landscape design, atmospheric FX, lighting, shading, optimization, sequencer animations.

Avatars created for realtime experiences in Unreal Engine Metahuman Creator.

This VFX projection mapping took place at the Thames opposite to St. Paul's cathedral in London. Four projection screens and crazy camera movements show off volumetric captures combined with visual effects . Normal 3D rooms transform into futuristic 3D environments. Contribution: Visual Effects and Compositing

In this sequel of Indepencence Day humans have built a defense program with recovered alien technology to protect the planet from a second alien attack. Contribution: intern in techvis at Uncharted Territory (VFX content creation, storyboarding, animatics)

This showreel presents VFX created with the programmes Houdini, Nuke, Adobe Creative Suite, PhotoScan. Mudbox, ZBrush, Maya and 3DsMax. The reel includes a wide span of different digital effects like fluid, volume, fur and smoke simulations.

Aquascape - Underwater carousel was my first project during my Master studies at the National Center of Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. The task was to create a dry to wet digital effect of a real location. I used the programmes SideFX Houdini, TheFoundry Nuke, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

The video Cyber Galaxy is a Motion Design project of my Bachelor's studies. Different pictures, tint videos and graphic drawings are composited in Adobe After Effects. Often abstract Motion Graphics are used for title sequences of films creating a bridge between the real world and the immersion into the film.

At the Volkswagen Group Media Event Beijing Auto Show 2018, 8 LED screens showed the motion graphic content created by Storz&Escherich in collaboration with United Visions.