This showreel presents parts of my digital effects projects which I created as MA Digital Effects student during the past year with the programmes Houdini, Nuke, Adobe Creative Suite, PhotoScan. Mudbox, ZBrush, Maya and 3DsMax

Volumetric Capture

Volumetric Capture is the process of capturing moving images of real people and objects and process them, so that they can be viewed from any angle and at any moment in time, in virtual or mixed reality environments. At the 4D volumetric capture studio I create digital doubles of actors and objects with a rig of over 100 RGB cameras and lasers. On set I am responsible for the filming and transfer of the data as Post Supervisor and DIT (Digital Imaging Technician). During Post Production I process the data and apply digital effects to the captures. Furthermore live tracking systems and 3D Photogrammetry help us create immersive Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality experiences with digital humans in the Film/Entertainment/Edutainment industry.

Working as post supervisor with VFX legend Paul Franklin and the amazing team.

Controlling cameras, lasers and lights on set

The Polymotion Truck is a mobile stage I helped developing. With this stage clients of the entertainment/ edutainment/ sport industry are capable of filming volumetric video, taking 3D stills and start a full avatar creation anywhere in the world.

Digital Clothes

Digital clothes are used with digital influencers, in digital dressing rooms, games, films and Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality.

I design, simulate, texture and animate the clothes on digital figures.

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