Drone Filmmaking

Digital Artist Deborah Leunig filming an Imagefilm for the city of Bremen with the drone DJI Phantom 4k

I show you my world from above! At the moment I use to film with the drone DJI Phantom 4k. Since springtime 2016 I make films with drones and I always like to plan new projects. Drones can be used for Documentaries, Image Films, Photogrammetry and much more. I enjoy the freedom in camera movements, camera perspectives and the possibility to see and capture the world with a birds-eye-view. In the theoretical part of my Bachelor's thesis I wrote about creating Image Films with drones and the regulations that have to be followed.


Would you like to have a video made with a drone?

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Drone Projects

For my Bachelor's thesis I produced this image film in one month with my drone DJI Phantom 4k in cooperation with the Senator for environment, construction and traffic in Bremen. It shows beautiful areas in the city of Bremen along the river Weser during summer.

The short film A Place of My Own is a project I created for a comparative analysis about the natural and philosophical film style of Terrence Malick. In order to adapt this approach, I filmed the South West Coast of England with the drone DJI 4k and wrote a poem for the voice over.

The North Sea Coast of Germany in a bird's-eye-view filmed with the DJI Phantom drone. Enjoy views of the National Park "Wattenmeer" in the regions around Cuxhaven.

Beautiful areas of Germany in a bird's-eye-view filmed with the DJI Phantom drone. Take a look over the forest Teutoburger Wald. Admire the majestic rocks Externsteine and follow the river Weser as it finds its way around fields and hills.

This viral Trumpets Challenge started in the Philippines and dancers from all over the world challenged each other to new dance moves to Sean Paul's song Trumpets. In Germany these 14 dancers came together for one day of freestyle. Watch them dancing Dancehall, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Modern, Bollywood, Samba and Step Dance.

Amazing areas of Spain in a bird's-eye-view filmed with the DJI Phantom drone. Look at the turquoise ocean and palm trees on Valencia's beaches from above. See historic cities like Cuenca and Sagunto with the hanging houses "casas colgadas" and a roman castle. Watch the wind blow through colourful fields and hills.

A short video of Scotland - the beautiful nature of Isle of Skye and Loch Lomond filmed with the DJI Phantom drone.