I am an enthusiastic and multifaceted Visual Effects Technical Director and have been shaping the workflow of commercial Volumetric Capture since 2018. Volumetric Capture is the process of capturing moving images of real people and objects and process them, so that they can be viewed from any angle and at any moment in time, in virtual or mixed reality environments. 

In 2016/2017 I studied the renowned Digital Effects Master's at the National Center for Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. This enabled me to create elaborated 3D simulations and motion graphics for Film, Advertising Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I especially enjoy creating digital clothes simulations. For my future I can imagine to work as a Visual Effects Supervisor or Creative Director. I look forward to all the experiences I will make on my way.


Bournemouth University (2016-2017) NCCA

Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Effects

Relevant Courses:

Digital Effects Theory

Digital Effects Houdini

Compositing Nuke

Group Projects

Moving Image Practice and Theory

Global Talent Programme


San Diego State University (2014)

Term abroad (B.A.)

Relevant Courses:


Advanced Film

Art Direction for Film

Digital Design Film and Stage


University for applied sciences Bremerhaven (2012-2016)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Relevant Courses:

Principles in 3D Animation

3D Animation Production

Project Management

Psychology for management and leadership

Audiovisual Media

Communication Design

Multimedia Engineering


Business Administration

Digital Artist Deborah Leunig filming in a green screen studio as Film and Visual Effects student at San Diego State University - Film and Television Department


Bournemouth University (2016-2017)

Global Talent Award

Rep Leadership Award

Academic Excellence Scholarship


German Academic Exchange Service (2014)

Promos Scholarship USA


Stepin (2011)

New Zealand Scholarship


English - Professional working proficiency

German - Bilingual proficiency

Spanish - Bilingual proficiency

French - Limited working proficiency

Italian - Limited working proficiency



Dimension studio (since 2018)

 Visual Effects and 4D Volumetric Capture


Spellwork Pictures (2017)

 Visual Effects and Motion Graphics


Storz&Escherich (2017)

 Visual Effects and Motion Graphics


Senator for environment, construction and traffic bremen (2016)

 Film: Imagefilm Bremen - Your summer in a vibrant watercity,


Uncharted territory & 20th century fox (2015)

 Film: Independence Day - Resurgence


Engagement Global,

Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association,

Technology-Transfer-Centre Bremerhaven (2013 - 2016)

 Several Short Film Productions and Motion Graphics