I am an enthusiastic and multifaceted designer working in Volumetric Capture, Virtual Reality and Visual Effects.

In 2016/2017 I studied the renowned Digital Effects Master's at the National Center for Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. This enabled me to work worldwide as Effects Technical Director.

For my remote future I can imagine to work as a Visual Effects Supervisor in Film or Creative Director in Advertisement. I look forward to all the experiences I will make on my way.


Bournemouth University (2016-2017) NCCA

Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Effects

Relevant Courses:

Digital Effects Theory

Digital Effects Houdini

Compositing Nuke

Group Projects

Moving Image Practice and Theory

Global Talent Programme


San Diego State University (2014)

Term abroad (B.A.)

Relevant Courses:


Advanced Film

Art Direction for Film

Digital Design Film and Stage


University for applied sciences Bremerhaven (2012-2016)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Relevant Courses:

Principles in 3D Animation

3D Animation Production

Project Management

Psychology for management and leadership

Audiovisual Media

Communication Design

Multimedia Engineering


Business Administration

Digital Artist Deborah Leunig filming in a green screen studio as Film and Visual Effects student at San Diego State University - Film and Television Department


Bournemouth University (2016-2017)

Global Talent Award

Rep Leadership Award

Academic Excellence Scholarship


German Academic Exchange Service (2014)

Promos Scholarship USA


Stepin (2011)

New Zealand Scholarship


English - Professional working proficiency

German - Bilingual proficiency

Spanish - Bilingual proficiency

French - Limited working proficiency

Italian - Limited working proficiency



Dimension studio (since 2018)

 Visual Effects and 4D Volumetric Capture


Spellwork Pictures (2017)

 Visual Effects and Motion Graphics


Storz&Escherich (2017)

 Visual Effects and Motion Graphics


Senator for environment, construction and traffic bremen (2016)

 Film: Imagefilm Bremen - Your summer in a vibrant watercity,


Uncharted territory & 20th century fox (2015)

 Film: Independence Day - Resurgence


Engagement Global,

Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association,

Technology-Transfer-Centre Bremerhaven (2013 - 2016)

 Several Short Film Productions and Motion Graphics